Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking in Gaudi

In the mid-19th century Gaudi designed amazing signature architecture that graces Park Guell and the Familia Sagrada church here in Barcelona. I spent yesterday exploring it all. Considering word etymologies, I do wonder whether there´s a relationship between gaudy and Gaudi. Anyway it´s all filled with sparkle and imagination. My eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets as I climbed into Park Guell and noted the ceramic tiled roofs with so much flowing movement. At the Familia Sagrada the attached gallery included an exhibit exploring the connections between nature and Gaudi design--with the shapes of columns looking like trees, stairwells looking like flowers, etc. The Familia Sagrada church complex is still under construction despite that Gaudi died in 1926 after being hit by a tram...and my photos very much depict all of the very active construction (cranes, etc.) that is still underway. Nothing like a long term (and multi-generational) art project!

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  1. A great art is never finished until somebody comes and takes it away.