Monday, June 15, 2009

Making the Best of Ibiza

Ibiza, while steeped in history and once a quiet haven for hippies from Europe and beyond, is largely a party town for the rich and gorgeous. The 20-something women visitors from France, Italy and Germany all sport absolutely perfect bodies...while a smart well travelled woman like me can be pretty much ignored. So I just found things that pleased a late-morning breakfast bar run by a super-friendly woman from South Africa. I´d request variations on her standard menu like two eggs instead of one egg and sausage...and she´d always throw in an hour of free Internet time. Then this morning I decided to explore Formentera...a nearby much more peaceful island. I found my way down to the harbor and bought a roundtrip ticket for the day. The line I picked (many companies run the half hour trip) was popular amongst locals in that for them they offer super cheap fares. Upon arrival I looked over the port and realized I´d need to go inland to find something nice. I wandered over to a local bus and the driver asked where I wanted to go. I replied, ¨a nice beach.¨ After exchanging a couple of euros, I hopped on and arrived at an amazingly gorgeous spot. I had a menu del dia lunch of grilled sword fish and octopus salad and a glass of wine...and then dove into the ocean and swam and swam. Eventually I took a break for sun bathing, swam again and then caught the bus and then the boat back to Ibiza. After showering off the beach at my hotel, I made my way over to the port to catch an evening ferry to Palma, Mallorca.

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