Friday, June 19, 2009


Hillside homes in Deia

Deia Home

Arturo Rhodes new works exploring the backseats of cars

Music for a back seat...

Oranges and a note on a back seat

Lovers in the backseat

Arturo in his studio

My friend Michael lived in Deia. He was working on a writing project and had described what a special place it had been to live and work. The edges of Deia feature restaurants and cafes for drive through tourists to catch a meal or a drink... I wandered the dusty paths looking for Michael´s friend Arturo. I made at least five wrong turns and eventually found a farm house with the name ARTURO I figured I´d arrived. It was the sweetest visit. We talked as if we´d known each other for years...discussing art, creativity, dreams and passion. He´s working on an exhibit featuring the backseats of cars.

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