Friday, June 19, 2009

Hard Times in Soller

I landed in Soller and proceeded to wander around the plaza, explore a little museum and investigate oranges and pastries. After enough of it all, I figured it was time to look for the bus to Deia, an artist colony that´s about 30 minutes away by car. Eventually I found my way to the bus stop and was informed the next bus would leave in 2 and a half hours. It was a little after 1 and basically life shuts down for the afternoon siesta. I positioned myself on the road to Deia and figured I´d try to hitch hike. (I had no patience to wait so long for a 30 minute bus ride). I tried and tried...and all the memories of hitching through Europe when I was 20 zoomed into my brain. Then mostly truck drivers would pick me up...and hit on me every way they could. This time I was just hard on my luck. Eventually I check into a cafe and ate a leisurely lunch of salad, a pate sandwich and a bit of beer. I chatted with an Irish ex pat about Darwin and evolution and made the most of my very long wait.

1 comment:

  1. Good you had time to relax. People in a hurry don't get far here. Those that slow down, get a good sandwich and get to know the real Spain.

    Even the ticket salesman at the train station has a hard time understanding the difference between arriving in Madrid at 4pm or 9pm. That's the real Spain.