Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorting Out Ibiza

I´d heard of Ibiza for years, but it was always too faraway to even consider dropping in. Then routing my trip to start in Barcelona, suddenly the possibility of Ibiza became this weekend´s reality. It´s the land of topless beach bathing, swanky yachts, dance clubs that open at midnight and lazy afternoon siestas. Being here alone I notice everything...but I´m not having a true Ibiza experience of hanging\partying with friends... I´m largely doing the photo\anthropology observation! In planning the trip I´d spent days surfing the web trying to figure out the best place to locate myself near things but still be quietly at the beach. I did well. I´m at Hotel Maritimo that´s on the beach...and maybe a 15 minute walk from the rest of it all. The center of town is a mix of cafes, restaurants, a craft market and loads of shops. Some 40 years ago the island was the home of Euro-hippies...those that remain sell their tie dye\batik\handmade jewelry on the streets... And 400 years ago Ibiza was a Spanish fortress replete with canons mounted high above the city to defend Spain against invasions. Today tourists of all kinds (seniors, families with children, newlyweds and young ravers) make it their destination. I´m contemplating whether to go to an all night club in that I did sleep all afternoon:)

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