Saturday, June 20, 2009


I caught a bus from Granada down to the gorgeous coastal city of Malaga. Having run the numbers, I faced that I would have just enough time to look over the Picasso Museum, catch something to eat and find my way back to the bus station. It worked. I found a most delicious vegetarian restaurant, serving eggplant grilled with tomatoe sauce and cheese and pasta with wild mushrooms. The Picasso Museum had every little scrap of paper he had ever scribbled one point I noted, this man was really into women...the way he looked at them--how they impacted him--he must have been an amazing lover. Then I wandered into a world press photo exhibition on water and violence. Very powerful photography. Every moment in Malaga had to be treasured in that I had so little time.

I then caught a bus to Algeciras, chatting the whole time with a clinical psychologist from Granada who is a practicing Buddhist and lives a life at least as unconventional as mine. After the busride along the gorgeous Southern coast we landed in Algeciras. It was too late to catch a ferry and so I found a little hotel and crashed for the night


  1. I was in Malaga and Costa Blanco last May 2008.
    I loved it. The cost of good wine was soooo cheap, that and Paela. Yum

    My daughter joined me and we drove to the Alhambra and then in the late afternoon we drove up to the sking in the Sierra Nevadas.
    From 27C to -2C in half an hour. We threw a few snowballs and then headed back to the warmth 3000m below.
    I have some photos from the Alhambra on my site as well as sveral other places in Southern Spain.

  2. Very unfortunate that you missed Malaga. Its a lovely city with very pleasent weather and a culture quite unique compared to the rest of Spain. The seafood is quite spactular. Next time try the smoked sardines cooked on a beach fire before taking a dip in the sea at 12am under a full moon on John the Baptist night. Stay around, dry off and warm up next to the fire while you watch the fireworks displays and try the wine your beach towel neighbours offer you, then go home at 5 or 6 am, or stay for another swim after the morning sunrise, if you like. Pleanty of time for a siesta later on in the day after a large seafood, or mixed paella. If you want a variation on the paella, try a black paella tinted with squid ink, or the escargo and rabbit popular in the adjacent mountain towns. Just west you will find one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Spain, of Casares. I promise that you won't be disappointed if you cancel your trip to Morocco and proceed north into the mountains on to Ronda and the surrounding villages either.