Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Palma, Mallorca Arrival

Last night I caught a late night ferry from Ibiza and dozed through the 2-hour journey to this relatively staid Balearian Island. Here in the capital, there´s lots more going on than tourism. Last night I caught a cab over to my Palma digs which is a cute hostal (small hotel) that´s a noisy bar until about 1 am. The staff were all expecting me (they have relatively few guests here) and showed me to a small room. Down in the bar the owner allowed me to use his computer to catch up on email...but being dimly lit (duh, it´s a bar) and missing the ¨m¨key I trudged along barely. Suddenly a very drunk patron put his arm around me...the bar owner told him to stop. It was weird in that I hadn´t been touched in a couple of days...and my body was sort of craving any sort of contact, but advisedly this kind really wouldn´t work:)

This morning I´m doing the first day wander...found my way down to the port...and to this Internet cafe with with fast computers where all keys work!

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