Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Tired--Negotiating a new everything...

I´m tireder than tired. Should just sleep it off, but it´s bright and beautiful outside so I´m wandering around in a daze. Thanks to Bonine (motion sickness pill) I did great. The flight to JFK was quite turbulent--but I was in spectator mode and weathered it well. For the JFK to Barcelona stretch I´d preselected a seat in a bank of three, hoping to stretch out. Then went I boarded the plane, the presumably empty seats were occupied so I sort of slept sitting up. YUCK! Upon arrival I was spinning in circles not knowing how to do anything. Finally I found a bus that took me to the Placa to Catalunya and then tried to call my couch surfer host. No answer. I wandered in circles some more and then decided to just go the the house anyway. Negotiated buying a metro card, taking the right trains, walking up and around the hills of the city and somehow got to the house. And lo and behold my host was there. (He´d just arrived.) He´s into a combo of Osho meditation, health food, and Internet marketing. And we had a nice chat.I´m trying to enjoy my state of utter exhaustion and extreme diorientation. (I seem to need help with everything from using pay phones to starting up computers.) Ugh. Me whose reasonably competant at home is a total ludite here.

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