Thursday, July 2, 2009


Marrakesh has been the last stop for our whirl wind all over Morocco tour. It's a bit odd ending here in that for many people this is their only stop in Morocco. It's a big city with gorgeous parks, a very large medina (old town) with a huge open square. The square is filled with snake charmers, men with tamed macaques and street musicians who all offer their presentations for hefty tips. Then there are fresh orange juice vendors, dried fruit and nut vendors and then a super-large market where crafts ranging from leather goods to caftans and jewelry are offered for sale. Haggling is part of the scene. It's been fun to bargain hard for whatever.... In the end I remain pretty clueless over whether I've gotten a good deal or just had fun bargaining:)

The main square at night

The main square filled with shoppers (and sellers)

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